Picksherry’s Origin Theme Song! (Start Here!)

Will they ever give six cherries? Will they agree in harmony? Let's find out forevermore with the Picksherry Family!

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The Judge has ordered the Picksherry Family to go on a month-long hiatus for NaNoWriMo!

Savior Machines 10 : Short Circuits

Trent: You hear “Robotto Kanibaru” and you think: “About time that Cannibal Robots got their due! Way to go, Japan, always catering to the weirdest nooks of geek depravity!” But it actually means “Robot Carnival."

Hank: From 1928 to 1983, Leslie Charteris wrote something like 50 books about the adventurous, debonair Simon Templar, of which “The Saint Meets the Tiger” is the first.

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