Family Matters 2 : An Underrated Movie


Father Hank Hank: Speaking of Disney, are there any Disney features more underrated than 1995’s “A Goofy Movie”? It’s a crowd-pleasing road-trip, a dad-son bonding comedy, a legitimate classic, released smack in the middle of the Disney Renaissance, successful enough to get a sequel… and yet it’s treated as though it were some sort of embarrassing, parasitic basement-dweller who contributes nothing of worth to the Disney family. Which reminds me: Cousin Franz, how’s that job hunt going? You’ve been polishing that LinkedIn profile for the last three years.

Cousin Franz Cousin Franz: I expect to have a piece published in Film Comment by season’s end. Very excited about that, thanks for asking. “A Goofy Movie” is a complete success. It does not aspire to the story-telling heights of “The Lion King”. It’s all in the title: a goofy movie, a riposte to the pomp of the Disney Classics of the period. There’s even some subversive in-house ribbing: when Goofy takes his son Max on a National Lampoon-style Vacation, they wind up at an Opossum-themed park that is a parody of Disney’s own Country Bear Jamboree ride at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Trent Trent: This movie is so dope! Why don’t people like it more? The New Jack Swing soundtrack is pure 90’s joy. Bobby Brown was originally gonna be Powerline! Pauly Shore gets high on cheddar! And Roxane is hawt with her big brown nose.


ROOOOXANE! You don’t have to put on the red leash! Dog days are over! You don’t have to sell your body to the night! ROOOOXANE!

Beatricia Beatricia: My son just admitted that he is sexually attracted to a cartoon dog. I am so proud right now.

Trent Trent: Hey, what can I say Ma, I’m attracted to some fine bitches.

Tracey Tracey: UGH. Can we put a leash on Trent? I like that this movie is Disney’s most honest attempt at acknowledging urban culture. Max and Goofy may be BLACK or they may be WHITE and it really doesn’t matter, does it? This is definitely a cartoon that a young black male could project themselves into. I mean, the Disney magic is that its characters are originally black AND white, because we all came from the same ink well. Black on white.

Grandpa Felicius Grandpa Felicius: Ever since Bob Hope and Bing Crosby set us on the road, road movies have been a delight. “A Goofy Movie” is indeed underrated. Congratulations, Hank. Fine choice. I do not understand a dazzled word of what Tracey said, but hooray!

Blurbarella Blurbarella: “Disney– Bonding– Smack– Basement– Leash- Power– Sexually Attracted– Bitches: BING! Delight.”

Five out of Six Cherries



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