Picksherry’s Origin Theme Song! (Start Here!)

cherry blossoms

They had an atrocious Thanksgiving/

The Picksherry Family/

The Judge, who was quite unforgiving/

Has sentenced them to TheraPEE/

Pop Culture and Movies and Music/

And Books and a lot of TeeVee/

Enough of the stuff to make you sick/

For them it’s a Rough Remedy!


Grandpa Felicius First comes the Grandpa, Felicius,

Distinguished and gracefully vicious;

Father Hank Then comes the Father called Hank,

An exemplary sort of a Yank.

Beatricia Beatricia is the splendorous Mama

A queen from Shakespearean drama.

Then there’s the kids, Trent and Tracey

They’re special and sort of spacey.

Trent Tracey

In an existential trance,

In comes the Cousin called Franz Cousin Franz

They’ve gathered under this umbrella

Recorded by brave Blurbarella!


(Why can’t they just pick

One magical flick?

Those troublesome Picksherry!

Their views so diverse

Of this whole universe

Will lead them to the cementerry!

Will they ever give six cherries? Will they agree in harmony?

Let’s find out forevermore with the Picksherry Family!



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