Family Matters 3 : An Extremely Underrated Movie


Father Hank Hank: An EXTREMELY underrated sequel! 2000’s “An Extremely Goofy Movie” follows up from “A Goofy Movie.” Max goes off to college, and his father Goofy finds himself unemployed and also in search of a college degree, so their lives collide on campus. It’s true that this not as good as the former- (which, again, is a first-class Disney feature they’ve buried for no real reason). The animation is mid-budget and less imaginative; the script is lazier; and the urban musical format from the original is abandoned in favor of a ska score and some Disney-Radio-ready disco covers. But I couldn’t help tearing up at the thought of Max leaving his goof of a Dad for college. I’ll admit, it will be a bittersweet day when little Trent finally leaves us to soar in the skies. The young eaglet will have learned to fly on its own, and Papa Eagle will watch, proud and tearful, from the nest.

Beatricia Beatricia: An extremely ok movie. As for the eagle thing, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We’ve been trying for ages and the only college that will take Trent is the Jefferson Davis Evangelical / Technological Institute of Lynchburg, Mississippi- and even THEY demand a “blood purity” test that, (as you know, Hanky) there’s a good chance he won’t pass.

Father Hank Hank: Yes, you’ve explained that, babe. The kids will not pass any paternity tests, either, because of your genetic condition, what was it you called it..?

Beatricia Beatricia: There’s a 70% chance their real father is Alonzo Mourning or Tiger Woods.

Father Hank Hank: Because of your “Dominant Egyptian Ancestry” that might throw off the DNA test, that’s what it is? Your family line can somehow be traced directly back to Queen Nefertiti, isn’t that what it is, babe?

Beatricia Beatricia: Sure, Hanky, that’s what it is.

Father Hank Hank: That’s what it is. Good, good.

Trent Trent: …

Tracey Tracey: …

Grandpa Felicius Grandpa Felicius: There are several eras of the comedic arts assembled here, all in fine display. Goofy wrestles with “Modern Times,” if I may be on the nose,  at his assembly-line job, quite like Charlie Chaplin or even Lucille Ball would; his “Back to School” antics may bring to mind Rodney Dangerfield, and there is a distinct “Animal House” tradition of college humor that is being honored. Suburbanites from the 50s, Beatniks from the 60s, Disco Studs from the 70s, Preppies from the 80s, Gen-Xers from the 90s, all these fashions fall burdensome upon the 2000s Millennial Max, who is once again trying to create an identity that is separate from the timeless Goofyness of his father.

Cousin Franz Cousin Franz: I would add that Goofy is a sort of noisier Jacques Tati as he navigates modernity. Grandpa Felicius actually gets “An Extremely Goofy Movie.” The past presses insinuatingly into the present, and acknowledging this is what we call wisdom. Max is the result of Goofy. When Max learns about Goofy (about the 50s, the 60s, the 90s, the 1400s, the negative 1400s, what have you), when Max learns that part of him IS Goofy — this is when Max achieves his Maximum power. THIS is what the continuing educational experience of our lives should be: an exploration of the past that turns into a quest for the future.

Blurbarella Blurbarella: “EXTREMELY– Assembly-Line. College Humor is– Burdensome– Educational Experience.”

3 out of 6 Cherries




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