Savior Machines 4 : Anibal Duress – and Heavy Metal


Trent Trent: That Alejandro Jodorowsky guy who makes trippy movies about hemorrhaging elephants (like “Santa Sangre”) also makes trippy graphic novels about… Well, I’m not sure what “Anibal 5” is “about.” Space spies? It stars a giant beefed-up cyborg, Anibal 5, who gets assigned to counterintelligence missions by the “European Defense Organization.” This EDO is based on a giant spaceship, and headed by Sir Typer Pinker, a Santa-Claus-looking fatso who keeps an alien sex pet named Enanita (that means “Little Dwarf Girl” in Spanish, as I learned from “Dora The Explorer.”) It could be that it’s Enanita keeps the old man as a sex pet, it’s blurred lines here. There’s also two scientist twins, Martin and Martain, forever bickering about math. This graphic novel is sick, but also good fun, because it’s set in the future, where there’s no point in having morals, and cyborg orgies (cyborgies?) are all the rage.

Father Hank Hank: I’m surprised Trent introduced us to this. It sounds like it would be Cousin Franz material. It sure doesn’t come approved by the Comics Code Authority! “Anibal 5” a smutty sci-fi saga that no clean-minded citizen under the age of 16 should read, and none over the age of 16 would WANT to read. This Jodorowsky guy is supposed to be some philosophic shaman? I say he’s a sophomoric sham!

Cousin Franz Cousin Franz: Readers of Jodorowsky’s collaborations with Moebius (“The Incal”) and Juan Gimenez (“The Metabarons”) might be surprised at the general levity of “Anibal 5.” It was Jodo’s first comic, back in the ‘60s, co-created with Manuel Moro.


But the version we were treated to is the one with frequent collaborator Georges Bess, from the 90s. A parody of a parody! Jodo is enjoying himself, playing with weightless material that frees him from the complex mythologies of some of his longer comics. An amusing trifle, best enjoyed by fans of “Les Humanoides Associes” and “Metal Hurlant.”

Father Hank Hank: So, “Heavy Metal.” If you meant “Heavy Metal,” why didn’t you just say “Heavy Metal”? Speak English, Truffaut! We KNOW “Heavy Metal,” we OWN the “Heavy Metal” soundtrack. Black Sabbath! Blue Oyster Cult! Journey! Grand Funk Railroad! Cheap Trick! Nazareth!

Beatricia Beatricia: Oh, Hanky, I’m not sure why you forgot to mention that Stevie Nicks is in the “Heavy Metal” soundtrack. Why would anyone mention Nazareth, but forget Stevie Nicks?

Cousin Franz Cousin Franz: Why would anyone mention Steve Nicks or Nazareth, but forget Devo?


Beatricia Beatricia: Cousin Franzy, I was directing my question to my husband, but thanks for contributing to the conversation. Moving along! The great Hannibal famously used pachyderms to cross the Alps with his Carthaginian army, in 218 B. C. Perhaps Jodorowsky is alluding to this because he has some sort of elephant fetish? Evidence says yes. Unfortunately, “Anibal 5” contained absolutely no information whatsoever about my favorite Punic War, (the Second One) so I didn’t see the point to “Anibal 5,” although I will say Georges Bess can doodle decently.

Grandpa Felicius Grandpa Felicius: Bah, Hannibal passed 37 elephants through the Alps centuries ago and we can’t stop kowtowing. I passed 37 kidney stones in the last year alone, and THAT is true might!


Tracey Tracey: Everything is so ridiculous in “Anibal 5” that it’s hard to be offended by the pneumatic sex clones that populate its pages. And I’ll admit I giggled at all the gender reversals, like when Anibal’s consciousness slips into the shape of a tigress in estrus, which attracts attention from a male tiger who, without much ado, mounts our cybernetic hero. It’s a fitting karmic emasculation of his toxic masculinity. Rape jokes are inherently gross and unfunny, but this IS about tigers raping cyborgs. Can’t be taken seriously.

Trent Trent: CYBORGIES! Cyborg and Orgies! I just got it! Hahahaha!

Beatricia Beatricia: My son just got the dumb joke he HIMSELF made five minutes ago. If that doesn’t make a mother feel a deep sense of pride, I can’t imagine anything that could.

Blurbarella Blurbarella: “Grand Funk Railroad: — Still Touring Actively– Bet You Didn’t Know That.– Or Cared.”

3 Out of 6 Cherries


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