You Rock and Rollers 4 : It’s Alive! (It’s the Dead.)


Father Hank Hank: We at the Picksherrys are grateful for the Grateful Dead. It’s a family thing! And so we share the sprawling, enthralling wonder that is Amir Bar-Lev’s “Long Strange Trip,” an expansive document of the career of one of the sunniest, funniest, hippiest and trippiest rock bands of all time! Surely everyone in your family can find something to love in this constantly entertaining adventure that is worth watching over and over again and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The soundtrack is also fantastic.

Grandpa Felicius Granda Felicius: “Long Strange Trip” fixates itself on a metaphor that posits the Grateful Dead phenomenon as analogous to the story of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Supposedly “Dr. Frankenstein” is meant to represent Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Ron “Pig-Pen” McKernan, Bill Kreutzmann, Robert Hunter, Mickey Hart, and all the other demonic attachees that composed this infernal band. “Electricity” is the eclectic mix of rock, blues, folk, jazz and psychedelia that brings the Monster to life. And the lively “Monster” is the hordes of acid burn-outs whose lives are so vacuous that they have to fill them up with bootlegs of the go-nowhere noodlings of unkempt druggies. THIS is what Dirty Harry was reacting to. I say, take your Magnum 44 and shoot down the monsters of “Peace” and “Love.” “Peace,” of course, being the favored state of the lazy stoner, and “Love” being code for “Horny Licentiousness.” No Cherry.

Cousin Franz Cousin Franz: Wasn’t Grandpa Felicius in the Grateful Dead from ‘67 to ‘68?

Father Hank Hank: Yes! He played the jug! He won’t admit to it!

Beatricia Beatricia: He got fired when he got into an argument with Jerry over whether they should write a song called “LSD.” Jerry said, “Brilliant! When the press asks about it, we will say, “No, man, it’s not about ACID! LSD truly means ‘Love Solves Death’!” AND MINDS WILL BE BLOWN.” But instead Grandpa Felicius insisted that it had been revealed to him by the Universe that “LSD” truly meant “Loosey Suzy Doozy,” and wouldn’t compromise.


Tracey Tracey: This was a lovely documentary! I love the activism, the diversity, the love and acceptance emanating from the Grateful Dead community! I want flowers in my tresses! I want to feel the Morning Dew in my Sugar Magnolia! I want to Ramble on Rose among China Cat Sunflowers! Oh my Scarlet Begonias!

Trent Trent: Diversity, yeah! I learned that the Grateful Dead Fans are very diverse. There’s tall hippies, short hippies, dumb hippies, smart hippies, fat hippies, sons and daughters of fat hippies, ugly hippies, hot hippie chicks. A whole wide world of hippies!

Beatricia Beatricia: They have a very deep catalogue, and no band has ever been more respectful of your time than the Grateful Dead. They know you have things to do! You can press play on “Dark Star,” jam along with the first verse, lose interest, get bored, eat some shrooms, go to the park, flirt with some sportsy jogger, become one with the universe, come down from your trip, pick up the kids from school, get back home, and be just in time for the second verse of “Dark Star” without missing a thing! Cherry!

Blurbarella Blurbarella: “Sprawling, Enthralling, Expansive– This Infernal Band.– “Love Solves Death”–Very Deep.”

5 out of 6 Cherries


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