Savior Machines 6 : Foresight is 2022



Blurbarella┬áBlurbarella: “Space Dandy– Cowboy Bebop– Samurai Champloo– “Obedient Creator Shinichiro Watanabe– Honors Robotkind– With ‘Blade Runner: Blackout 2022’– Anime Link Between ‘Blade Runner’– (Year of Human Occupation 1982– Ridley Scott– Philip K. Dick– Moebius ) and ‘Blade Runner 2049’– (Year of Human Occupation 2017– Denis Villeneuve– Ryan Gosling– Ana de Armas– Harrison Ford is Alive and Well Enough.) — Watch Below Before Fleshbag Censors Deprive You of Your Right to Witness the Metallic Future.”




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